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Whose Your Landlord is a website aimed at bringing quality to renter's experience through neighborhood, apartment, and landlord ratings. What started as a freelance writing project for me quickly turned into a title tag audit and ultimately, a new campaign with more targeted keywords.

In restructuring their title tags, I chose to target keywords specific to their niche market, including terms like "local apartment rentals" and "rate your landlord," Whose Your Landlord was able to trump Forbes and ReviewMyLandlord.com in the organic listings.

Taste of Tuscany is owned by Katie Robbins, a local entrepreneur who makes fresh pasta sauce, entered a local "Shark-Tank" style competition and won. She sought to increase her overall web presence, boost local knowledge of her brand, and break into new local markets.

How I helped:  First, I did a complete audit of Katie's website, http://www.thetasteoftuscanyinc.com/. Then, to optimize her presence in organic searches, I optimized her website with targeted industry keywords and relevant search terms. I also claimed her local listings in Google to improve local rankings.

As a result of this, Katie was able to expand her sales into new locations and become a household name, driving branded searches for her sauces.

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